I dare you …

Hi there,

I dare you to use one of the handmade hats  from HAT-A-TUDE.  Mrellan Harahan is the soul and heart behind the studio, she creates these amazing hats with attitude.
A year ago she started a charity making chemo caps and other comfort items for women going through treatment for cancer, for more information visit her policy page for instruction and restriction in  how to get a donated hat.
Woman’s Shocking Pink Wool Cloche Hat w/Fancy Purple Hatband is $60.00



Woman’s Fedora in Charcoal Wool W/ Feather Accent is $65.00



Gold Italian Lace Motif Flapper Skullcap w/Pearl Accents and Cascade is $ 115.99



HAT-A-TUDE is the Artfire crazy train rider for April 6 to April 8, a collection was created to showcase the studio.

Thank your visiting.


Andrea W.

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6 Responses to I dare you …

  1. Aren’t they wonderful? Love! xxx

  2. What beautiful hats!!! I’m even more impressed with the donation to cancer patients, really wonderful!

  3. caroline says:

    Gorgeous! I always love hats.

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