This is not a tutorial….

Hi there,

This is not a tutorial, I only want to show how I transformed fiber into wearable accessory.

For a long time now, I was trying to create something special, my scarves and shawls  are  pretty, I like to use fine materials, I see the scarves and the shawls as accessories to style up  your wardrobe, meaning the accessory (scarf, hat  or shawl ) should be made of excellent material (fiber), and well made. The fine material will show off when the item is done, it could be in the shine of the fiber, or the softness, or the color and sometimes all of these characteristic are in one item; reason I used alpaca fiber, angora, Italian acrylic, and artisan yarns.

Fiber Art knitted shawl ‘ THE BLUE CLOUD” light soft blue Peruvian alpaca is $100.00

Fiber Art crocheted endless lace scarf “BLUE SKIES” French angora is $100.00



I started to think what to do for summer, taking in consideration people does not use yarn scarves on Summer, however people uses cotton shawls, then I started putting everything together, and I thought what about to make summer scarves made of cotton yarn, but doing something complete different.  I created a new line called Summer scarves “THE BOHEMIAN” where I used besides the yarn, other fibers including fabric.


Summer scarf “THE BOHEMIAN” Line “THE ORANGE PARADISE” is $65.00

The body of the scarf was crocheted using cotton and the uniqueness of the item, it’s the embellishment using different types of fibers including fabric of beautiful colors.
Andrea Designs (that’s my studio)  in association with The Artisan Group, will participate in an invitation-only luxury celebrity gift lounge hosted by GBK Productions on April 11-12, 2014  at an exclusive location in Beverly Hills, California, in honor of The 2014 MTV Movie Awards Nominees and Presenters. My  Summer scarf “THE BOHEMIAN”line will be gifted to the Press in their swag bags.


Visit my studio at ANDREA DESIGNS to see my other creations. Find me Online at:



ANDREA DESIGNS is the Artfire crazy train rider for April 9 to April 11, a collection was created to showcase the studio.

Thank you for your visit.

Have a great day!

Andrea W.

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  1. What a lovely assortment. Your work is beautiful~!

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