Hi there,

Lil Bit O’ Love  studio offers high quality vinyl decals, stickers, car tattoos, laptop decals, handmade wooden clocks, t-shirts,  handmade greeting cards, and more.

Hey Y’all Zebra Palmetto and Moon Vinyl Decal Carolina Sticker Vehicle is $6.64




Hibiscus Sea Turtle Tribal Vinyl Decal in 2 Colors Beach Tortoise Car is $6.64



Doe and Buck Mailbox Monogram Vinyl Decal Sticker Set Standard MBox is $6.64



Find Lil Bit O’ Love Online at:




Lil Bit O’ Love  is the Artfire crazy train guild rider for June 17 to June 19, a collection was created to showcase the studio.

Thanks for the visit!

Regards,  Andrea W.

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2 Responses to LIL BIT O’ LOVE

  1. Love the monogram on the mail box! xxx

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