McCoy Toys, not batteries required only imagination…

Hi there,

We live in a technology world, from microwaves in the kitchen, phones, computers,  to toys; it is so refreshing to see McCoy Toys studio, they create hand-made toys, made of wood and they are mechanical, they don’t need  batteries just imagination to play and have fun, they could be passed from generation to generations as part of the family heirloom, because it was part of grandpa’s or grandma’s childhood.

Toy Wooden Airplane Blue with Cherry Wood Wings and Tail  is $15.00



Set of 3 Wood Folk Toys with Top, Jacob’s Ladder and Spinnning Wheel  is $18.00



Set of 2 Toy Wooden Ball and Cup Games  is $13.50



Find McCoy Toys Online at:





McCoy Toys  is the Artfire crazy train guild rider for November 17 to November 19, a collection was created to showcase the studio.

Thank you for your visit. Come back soon. Andrea W. XXXX

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