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Let me introduce you to Mary O’net, she is a fine art artist with a lot of hats, she is so good in so many types of crafts. She knits, crochets, sews, paints, makes jewelry, dolls, cards, toys, candles, and more. She showcase her creations in LOVELYTHINGS studio.
One of the items I adore  from her collection is the Omiyage. This little flower made of fabric including petals is so beautiful, it will be the perfect container to put inside a engagement ring, a pair or earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, or something small you would like to gift and make an amazing package.

Bold Beauty Omiyage $16.53

“This is the classic sakura ( cherry blossom) omiyage, done in a cotton print, cut to make the petals proud. It’s all cotton or rayon, and is wash and dryable. A circular white button serves as the flower’s center. The underside of the petals is a white rayon jaquard, and the underside of the very young green leaves is a cotton pastel green.”

When the omiyage is closed looks like a flower.

When turning the flower over, it’s a little bag under the petals, there is the place to put in the gift


pull out the long strings and the bag will close, make a bow, and your package is ready to go.


Charlie Chaplin, Print of Original Drawing



Frosty Medallions “Mother of the Bride” Shawl is $149.95


back of the shawl.



Find  LOVELYTHINGS Online at:





LOVELYTHINGS is the crazy train guild rider for April 25 to April 27, a collection was created to showcase the studio.

Thank you for your visit!!! AW.

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