Andrea Designs

Hi there,

I am an artisan that love to play with fiber to create unique knitted scarves, shawls, headbands and more… Besides using different types of yarns, from Peruvian alpaca, cashmere, French angora, wool, Italian, French acrylic, I use sequins, buttons, beads, silk flowers,  to give that special and one-of-a kind element. My scarves and shawls  are fun and add PIZZAZZ to any wardrobe, visit my studio at ANDREA DESIGNS

I am proud member of The Artisan Group.

Andrea Designs, along with The Artisan Group, has participated in several celebrity gifting, to include: GBK’s MTV Movie Awards gift lounge, Genevieve Gorder (HGTV), GBK’S Prime Time Emmys gift lounge (2013, 2014), CMA Talent gift lounge(2012), AMA, The Vampire Diaries Stylist gift bag, True Blood Stylist gift bag, Hidden in the Woods Stylist gift bag, One World Foundation Charity gift bag,  Parenthood Stylist gift bag,  BoobieQ Charity.
Become a fan on Facebook at!/AndreaDesigns, or follow me on Twitter at


Visit my studio @ Andrea Designs    find handmade accessories to style up your wardrobe.



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